About Us

Who we are…

PortfolioExec® was founded in 2008, primarily as a Member Network for individuals running or seeking to develop a ´portfolio´ of business interests within the SME market.

Mission – why we exist – A community of Directors and Business Professionals who provide solutions for the SME market place on a part-time or project basis.

Members’ Value Added Proposition – PortfolioExec is a membership organisation that helps professionals who are looking to build a client portfolio. We promote peer to peer learning, business opportunities, comradeship, collaboration, support, continual professional development and friendship in a relaxed environment.

SME Value Added Proposition – We provide affordable, flexible expertise to SMEs. Our directors become the trusted advisers and the route to a range of solutions using the skills and expertise within PortfolioExec.

Our Members are defined by 4 key values:

professionalism, integrity, approachability, pedigree

Our members have expertise in areas such as Executive Mentoring, Non-Executive Directorships, Equity Investment, Business Planning and Development, Project Management, Finance and Mergers, Digital, Social Media and Marketing, Governance and much more.

We are based in the Greater Manchester, Lancashire and Cheshire areas.

To inquire about Membership, or our Portfolio of Business Services, contact: info@portfolioexec.com