About Us

Who we are…

PortfolioExec® was founded in 2008, primarily as a Member Network for individuals running or seeking to develop a ´portfolio´ of business interests within the SME market.

Now much more of a ´consortium´ – we are a ´talent pool´ of experienced senior level business people, professionals and equity investors helping SME businesses on an affordable and flexible basis.

Senior and experienced professionals from widely differing backgrounds and disciplines offer the owner-managed business short or long-term support on a part-time basis in areas such as Executive Mentoring, Interim Management, Non-Exec Directorships, Equity Investment, Business Planning & Development, Finance and Mergers.

Our Corporate Members can additionally provide professional support and guidance on a range of requirements such as Tax & Investment planning, Accountancy, Corporate Finance, Commercial Insurance, Digital & Social Media and Marketing, International Business Development, Legal, HR and more.

We have hubs in the Lancashire, Greater Manchester, London and Chester areas.

To inquire about Membership, or our Portfolio of Business Services, contact: info@portfolioexec.com