Funding Circle

You may have come across this type of Crowdfunding concept before. Essentially it is a consortium of private Investors who wish to lend to SME’s. Funding Circle provides the underwriting and collective umbrella for individual investors to elect if they wish to support any credit approved loan application. All such Funding Circle loans have 20% funding provided by the Government. Loans of 6 months to 5 years up to £150k are available with only Personal Guarantee’s required.  Larger loans are available, although security will be required and Asset Finance is also provided

Qualification Criteria

  • Must be a Limited Company or Limited Liability Partnership
  • 2 years filed accounts
  • Minimum turnover £100k
  • A UK resident Director
  • A stable and creditworthy business

If you meet this criteria you can apply.

SME’s can apply direct but it is no difference in cost, and as with any application to borrow, it is how the information is presented that is key. It is worthwhile therefore allowing a broker to properly package the information on behalf of the SME.

Ian Theobold is an accredited broker for the Funding Circle. For more information contact