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Portfolio-MoneyPlus™ is a division within PortfolioExec® bringing together all the individual Associates, Business and Corporate Partners who have anything to do with finance [in its broadest definition].

The areas thus covered include:-

Accountancy – Accounts Preparation, Audit & Tax Financial Recruitment
Corporate Finance – Merger, Acquisition & Sale Financial Risk Management
Business Restructure & Recovery Part-Time Finance Directors
Banking & Funding Advice Independent Financial Advice & Wealth Management
Asset Based Lending Individual Investors (Private Equity) & Business Angels
Bridging Finance Commercial Law, Debt Recovery & Contract Dispute
Invoice Finance General, Public Liability & Trade Insurance
Venture Capital Funding Crowd-Funding

The aims are:-

1. To ensure that each sector specialism is aware of all the others
2. To focus inter-relational communications
3. To enable a multi-faceted approach to providing solutions for clients
1/ PortfolioExec® is expanding both its Membership and geographical reach all the time and as we bring in new Associates and Partners whose areas of expertise are finance-related, they will be able to additionally develop their relationship and business-opportunity potential through MoneyPlus.
2/ Where individual Associates or Partner firms have News, new product or service offerings, seminars and
workshops or any other support requirement they can communicate these through the dedicated MoneyPlus website at www.portfolio-moneyplus.com – we are currently costing this.opportunity potential through MoneyPlus.
2/ Since the start of the recession in 2008 the topography of the whole marketplace in financing for business has altered radically. SME Business-owners can no longer rely on traditional sources of lending solely from their banks. In fact, an overall funding requirement may need to be a package or ‘cocktail’ of different forms of finance from different sources. Through MoneyPlus we can manage the clients’ needs and expectations in these areas.
4/ MoneyPlus™ can also act as the gateway for clients to access solutions to wider financial and cost problems.
Only Members of PortfolioExec® will be able to participate in and benefit from Portfolio-MoneyPlus™ but there will be no additional cost of participation apart from mutually agreed areas such as on-line promotion through our website, sponsored events, etc.