Research Project – Building Effective SME Lead Teams

The pilot phase of the research project “Building Effective SME Lead Teams” is underway. Initial feedback has been both very encouraging and helpful. This work is borne out of the need for SMEs to drive the UK economy and, also, recognising that organisations benefit greatly in many dimensions if teams can perform more effectively than the sum of their parts, none more so than lead teams.

Building Effective SME Lead Teams is free for all participants and we will feed back results with comparative data to allow everyone to benchmark with other companies and “take stock”. All the data will be anonymous, with the exception of a few case studies and these will be agreed with those companies beforehand. Two companies have already volunteered to be case studies.

We need a diverse range of SMEs from different sectors to take part, 100 in total, so if you know of any companies who would like to take part, please contact or call 07825 971371.