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PortfolioExec helps business owners achieve their goals by providing focussed expertise and support that is specific and relevant to their needs. We guide them through the multiple challenges that running a business brings and give real, practical help and tools. Our team consists of professionals who all have different expertise and come from many business sectors, where they spent years working in senior management roles. They are all business owners in their own right and each one brings their own skills and knowledge to the table. Therefore, whatever your challenge, we can provide the person that is right for you and your business.

Find a Part-Time or Non-Executive Director

Find a Part-Time or Non-Executive Director

The benefits of taking on a Part-Time or Non-Executive Director are numerous. We can match you with the right person for you.

Meet Our Specialists

Meet Our Specialists

Our Specialists are experienced practitioners in their fields. They provide solutions for the SME market place on a part-time or project basis.


Join the PortfolioExec Business Lounge

Join the PortfolioExec Business Lounge

Share challenges and successes in our professionally-facilitated Action-Learning Business Lounge.

Is this you?

Did you start your own business, believing it would bring you freedom and joy, only to find that you are working hour after hour within the business, never managing to find that work/life balance?

There are many different challenges for business owners, and Covid-19 has brought many more, as has Brexit. Many company directors are seeing the impact of the pandemic on their business. Perhaps you have had to furlough staff or, worse, let staff go. Perhaps you are adapting to a whole new working model. Perhaps you have lost business and are looking to increase your client base. Perhaps you have new sets of import/export regulations and HR rules to follow. Perhaps you are newly self-employed but are not sure how to progress in the current climate. How do you increase your productivity while managing your own expectations and those of your staff and your clients?

Whatever your challenge, we can help you. By identifying the aspects of your business you need to focus on and finding the optimum way for you to manage that focus, we will help you find the balance you desire.

For an initial, no-obligation, FREE consultation, Contact Us.

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