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Anita – About Us

Who we are...

A consortium of Directors and Business Professionals who provide solutions for the SME market place on a part-time or project basis.

We provide affordable, flexible expertise to SMEs. Our Specialists become the trusted advisers and the route to a range of solutions using the skills and expertise in PortfolioExec.


Our Specialists are defined by 4 key values:

professionalism, integrity, approachability, pedigree

The Company was founded by Ian Theobold and Nigel Harrap at the start of the financial crisis and recession in 2008.

We recognised that there were a good number of business leaders who had never even worked in a recession let alone been a leader during one. The need was identified for these people to access specialist advice from people who had been there, have the pedigree, the skills, knowledge and experience to be able to assist. Over the years, our Specialists have worked with many business owners in many different sectors.

On a part time basis, affordable available expertise.