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Spring 2022 Business Update

April Forum


Two main topics were discussed.


1. What is your relationship with your mobile phone? Guidelines to help you manage it:

– keep your phone on silent

– turn off notifications

– sort apps into folders or just use the app library, delete apps no longer needed

– having social media on your phones was a split call.

– NO phone for first 30/60 mins in the morning, or last thing at night.

– have separate work and private phones


2. Apps that our members use that improve your effectiveness – this touched on some for personal use, too:

– sanebox – AI for your e mails, learned behaviours leading to auto-sorting

– seatfrog – train upgrades to 1st class

– what3 words – for travel, more pinpointed than Waze e.g. if just post code.

– intromate / imovie- for short videos

– picturethis / seek – for nature, flora, fauna and wildlife identification

– ways – navigation, inc. speed cameras

– duolingo – languages

– headspace – meditation, sleeping

– microsoft to do – links to 365

– lastpass – password security

– authy – double authentification

– voicemail – email notifications for voicemail messages

– exclaimer – email signature management


Associates’ News

Delighted to announce that Jed Hassid, Associate at Frazer Hall (Steve Frazer, CF boutique business) and Mentor, has become an Associate of PortfolioExec. Steve was with us in the organisation’s early years and it is great to have Frazer Hall back more formally in the team. Have a look at Jed’s profile here – https://portfolioexec.com/finance-and-corporate-recovery/jed-hassid


Business Owners Forum 

This is our evolved offering to SMEs from the 60-Minute Upskill sessions. Alan Hyams is Chairing these bi-monthly forums, bringing in the member specialist deemed most appropriate for the agenda theme. Our next one is being hosted by Alan – “The Muth of Multitasking: What is its True Cost?”‘ It is online on Thursday, 26th May at 4.30pm.

These are free for any business owner to attend. They are great events for PE to showcase our skills. Anyone who would like to attend this free, interactive workshop, please book via anita@portfolioexec.com.

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