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Attend the Launch of our Business Owners Forum

It’s lonely at the top! As a leader, you are expected to be all-knowing and infallible. You are not always able to discuss the things that REALLY matter to you with your staff. So, who do you confide in and bounce ideas off? What are the blockages that stop you from achieving your goals? What are your goals and when did you last review them? How do you stay focussed?

Attending PortfolioExec’s bi-monthly Business Owners Forum will allow you to access other senior leaders’ experience, knowledge and wisdom, and share your own, helping to develop the expertise and proficiency of everyone in the room.

Our professional facilitator will ensure the Forum is a safe, relaxed environment where you can be open and honest. The discussions at each session will inform the next month’s agenda.

Recently, we surveyed business owners, asking them to define their top 3 business issues they are facing in 2022. The top 3 answers were:

1 – Recruitment and retention of staff, hybrid working

2 – Upskilling your workforce

3 – Lack of time (not enough hours in the day

Therefore, the topic of our first Business Owners Forum will be ‘Recruitment / Retention of Staff, and Hybrid Working’. The 60-Minute online session will take place on Thursday, 31st March, at 4.30 pm. The workshop will be facilitated by Alan Hyams, and our HR specialist will be Charlotte Dean from P3 People Management. 

To book your place on this free, online, interactive workshop, please email anita@portfolioexec.com for the Zoom link.

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