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Benefits of a Part-Time or Non-Executive Director


In recent years, there has been an emerging breed of Part-Time and Non-Executive Directors in many different disciplines, e.g. finance, sales, marketing, operations, risk, HR, governance, procurement and many more.

These individuals offer a very affordable route to a person with the relevant pedigree, skills, knowledge and experience to really add value to the SME. They bring their individual expertise to assess and advise on how to manage the challenges the business is facing and to identify the way forward to ensure optimisation of outcomes. They help and support business owners through the next steps needed to ensure the business achieves its goals. They can also be a trusted ear for the business owner.


Some of the benefits of engaging a Part-Time or Non-Executive Director are:

  • Contacts
  • Technical/Sector expertise
  • Trusted Adviser
  • Second Opinion/Sounding Board
  • Objectivity
  • Planning
  • Focus
  • Business Acumen
  • Governance
  • Discipline
  • Challenge

A Part-Time or Non-Executive Director brings an accountability to the business owners, and a rigour and discipline to the way the business is run, its systems and its processes. They bring objectivity, challenging questions, ensuring decisions taken by the owners have been fully thought through and alternative options considered.

The Part-Time or Non-Executive Director ensures the owners and management team remain focussed on the key deliverables and don’t just drift.They can be the drive that a business or a business owner needs, bringing a fresh perspective and new insight into the organisation.They become the trusted adviser, often with a seat on the Board or a place on the management team, or just supporting and mentoring the owner.

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