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Join us at our Taster Session for The Portfolioexec Business Lounge

Join us on Friday 12th March, at 9.30 am, to find out more about our new Business Lounge. This is a short (30-60-minutes), no-obligation taster session where you can ask any question you like or just ...

Launch of The Portfolioexec Business Lounge

It’s lonely at the top! As a leader, you are expected to be all-knowing and infallible. You are not always able to discuss the things that REALLY matter to you with your staff. So, who do you confide ...

Procurement for Non-Procurement People Course

The NW Lancashire Chamber of Commerce are running a ‘Procurement for Non-Procurement People’ course on march 18th and July 14th. Do you know that even a modest reduction in your external spend can hav...

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