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Andrew is the Founder of AJ Stirrup and believes in the ‘Art of the Possible’. Take a step back for a moment and ask yourself: Are you…

  • Struggling to hit your targets and goals?
  • Concerned by the quality of the customer experience that you are providing?
  • Anxious that you are not winning enough business?
  • Held back by not having the right people on your team?
  • Frustrated you can’t take your business to the next level?
  • Disheartened your people aren’t as positive and enthusiastic as you’d like them to be?

If any of these questions chime with you, Andrew would love to hear from you, to learn more about what you really want to achieve and the blockages to growth you are encountering.

About Us


Andrew’s message is simple: The Secret of a great business is to have great people who are fully engaged, motivated and have your business’ best interest at heart.

If you grow your people, you will grow your business.

  • With over 25 years’ business experience, Andrew has worked across three continents with businesses of all shapes and sizes, from owner-managed firms to PLCs, and in elite sport.
  • He helps business leaders to achieve the results they want and shows them how to overcome their obstacles to growth through a combination of mentoring, business and executive coaching, leadership training and sales coaching.
  • He calls it ‘The Culture Factor’ and will help you to develop the vital behaviours, mindsets and values for your business success.

Things Andrew can help you to achieve…

  • Build a high-performance organisation and team
  • Create a great customer experience
  • Have the right people on board FOR your business
  • Take your business to the next level
  • Win more (and better) business
  • Be a great place to work