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February 2022 Business Update

February Forum 

The theme was around the pressures that businesses will be facing this year, given the economic landscape. Inflationary pressures on household bills fuelling wage demands, costs of supplies, supply chain issues, Brexit and the significant challenges of recruiting staff.

The thoughts discussed focussed around process automation, increased use of IT, increasing your own prices – not to be afraid of this. Hybrid working, the need for not as much office space – could be significant cost savings, online versus face-to-face meetings – consider cost benefit.

New Initiative

We have recently formed a sub group of some of our members who are all running a business at about the same stage of the business cycle and all with similar personal aspirations for their business.

Our first online session was in January, which was a general looking at where are we now, and all agreed there was merit in continuing. A second session was held in late February, with the focus on Time Management and Roles and Responsibilities. Again, a lively and productive session.

We are happy to consider such sub groups for other members where we see synergies and benefits.

Business Owners Forum 

This is our evolved offering to SMEs from the 60-Minute Upskill sessions. Alan Hyams is Chairing these bi-monthly forums, bringing in the member specialist deemed most appropriate for the agenda theme. The results of our recent survey have decided the theme for our first Business Owners Forum is Staff Recruitment and Retention plus Hybrid Working. Charlotte will be joining Alan at the forum as our member specialist.

The forum will be online on Thursday 31st March, at 4.30pm, for 1 hour. This will be free for any business owner to attend. Anyone who would like to attend this free, interactive workshop, please book via anita@portfolioexec.com.

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