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Free eBook – New Ways Of Working Post-Covid

During the months of March and April in 2020, there was a rush for organisations to implement remote working. It was thought that this would be a short-term strategy to help prevent the spread of coronavirus but, in reality, it has provided us with the insight that mass remote working is logistically possible. More importantly, we are now acutely aware of the benefits it brings to both the employer and the employee.

Our HR Executive, Charlotte Dean, has written an eBook, in which she explores the differences between working from home and hybrid working together with the legal and tax implications of both. She has also delved deeper to advise on communication strategies, the training you should be considering, the importance of remaining inclusive and the steps you need to take to maintain a healthy, workplace culture.

To summarise, this eBook will cover:

  • Working from Home
  • Hybrid working
  • The tax and legal implications
  • Benefits of flexible working
  • Changing contracts
  • Communication strategies
  • Technology
  • How to remain inclusive
  • The importance of continued performance management
  • Steps to create a culture of openness and trust
  • Supporting employees’ health and wellbeing

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Access the eBook via this link – https://www.p3pm.co.uk/resources/ebook-new-ways-of-working-post-covid

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