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January 2022 Business Update

Forum Themes

Our forum themes for January were Omicron and our goals for 2022.

The position on Omicron changed significantly between setting it as the theme and actually discussing it. The initial fears had subsided, given the milder nature of the strain, and the general consensus on the forum was we need to get back to business as usual and back to face-to-face workshops. Still being mindful, but it’s down to individuals to do their own risk assessment of situations.

The goals forum was really interesting and there was some commonality in terms of members looking to improve their work life balance, e.g. moving to 3 or 4-day working week, working more effectively, etc.

In terms of PortfolioExec goals for 2022, they are:

  • Establish a rhythm of monthly face-to-face forums.
  • Launch the Business Owners forum, initially bi-monthly, online
  • Increase the membership

Business Survey

Thank you to those that took part in our business survey, asking business owners for their top 3 business issues for 2022. The overwhelming top issues revolve around staff – recruitment, retention and hybrid working, work/life balance, so this will be the theme for our first Business Owners Forum.

Business Owners Forum

Prior to the outbreak of Covid, we were about to launch a Directors Forum. Instead, due to the pandemic, we launched our 60-Minute Upskill sessions, which were very successful. We are now evolving these into the Business Owners Forum. The Forum bi-monthly workshops will be facilitated by Alan Hyams, our specialist from MRW Corporate Solutions and, depending on the topic being discussed, we will have special guest presenters, too. Our first session will be online on Thursday, 31st March at 4.30pm and, as the top results of our business survey centred around staff recruitment, retention, and hybrid working, the special guest will be our HR specialist, Charlotte Dean, from P3 People Management.

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