PortfolioExec would like to wish everyone a very merry Christmas. We are looking forward to a very productive year in 2019.

Thank you to all our members for your support over the year. We couldn’t do it without you.

If anyone reading this page would like to find out more about PortfolioExec and discuss becoming a member, please do not hesitate to contact us on info@portfolioexec.com.

We would be delighted to hear from you.

Ian and Anita

Venues Wanted!

Metrobank Event 15th Sept 2015 PortfolioExec hosts a number of events each year and we need venues in which to hold them. We often use our corporate partners’ offices but, sometimes, this is not possible due to availability or size of facility.

If you have a business in Manchester and would like to host one of events at your offices and have space for both smaller groups of 12 and/or larger groups of up to 25, please do get in touch. As Host, you would be able to do a 20 minute presentation to attendees. We would ask you to supply refreshments. The benefits to you are:

  • A number of SMEs coming onto your premises
  • Raised awareness of your company
  • Targeted introductions to our members
  • The opportunity to become an Associate or Corporate Partner of PortfolioExec (not obligatory)
  • Become part of our ‘Friends’ list and receive some news and opportunities from us

If you are interested in hosting a PortfolioExec event, please contact us on anita@portfolioexec.com.


PortfolioExec WhatsApp Members Group

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We now have approx 30 people in our WhatsApp group and it is working really well for instant feedback on survey questions and dates and venues for events etc. 
Whats App is a free download Application for Mobile phones, with free usage, including abroad for messaging, pics etc. 
Ian Theobold is the Moderator and Owner of this Group.
Please note – this group is for PortfolioExec Members only.
If you want to be included, please email ian@portfolioexec.com with your consent and mobile number.


Development of PortfolioExec London Hub

We are still looking for someone to take a lead role in the development of our London Hub.
It needs to be someone based in the London area but could be a real part-time income opportunity for the right person(s).
If you know of anyone who may be interested in the opportunity, please contact Nigel on nigel@portfolioexec.com.








Investment Opportunity

KanGaRoo LogoThe current climate for digital and new technology investment can often mean that exciting new ventures in the design for social and educational products that are neither digital nor high tec are overlooked; to the detriment of products users, the products retailer, the product developer and the investment opportunity.

KAN-GAR-ROO specialises in the design and development of innovative new generation educational furniture, targeted at children, teachers and parents, and is seeking prospective investors to support its new venture into the retail and household markets.
The two current directors of KAN-GAR-ROO Ltd are:
Steve Hoffman, who is Design Director and has 25 years of experience and skill in Product Design, particularly within the education and child play arena.
Sally Chan, the other director, is also a senior teaching fellow in marketing at Leeds University Business School and Marketing Director for KAN-GAR-ROO. She has a keen interest in how children interact with educational furniture.

We have an investment opportunity that will be particularly relevant to investors with an interest in:
· The development of innovative and contemporary education and social play furniture for the retail and education
· Supporting innovative and sustainable indigenous product design and manufacture.
· Being part of, and contributing to, a very creative practice with a 15% initial shareholding offer.
If you are curious about KAN-GAR-ROO’s investment proposition or think you know someone who may be interested, please contact either:
Steve Hoffman on 07715 169 354 / steve@kangarroo.co.ukor Sally Chan on 7860 467 756 / sally@kangarroo.co.uk.

R&D Tax Credits

Jumpstart are the UK’s leading R&D tax credit specialists, providing a complete service in claiming for R&D tax relief on
your behalf. They work as a partner for Accountants or for companies needing to jumpstart their own claims.
The R&D tax relief scheme is designed to encourage innovative thinking and push the boundaries of available science
and technology. It is about rewarding achievements and pushing the UK to the forefront, which is why the Government
is investing more into the scheme year on year!

If you think you or any of your clients may be able to claim back some tax around R&D, do get in contact with us at info@portfolioexec.com.

Inspire Inaugural Ball

Inspire Ball 3On the 6th February 2016, Inspire held a superb Inaugural Ball at the magnificent Gorton Monastery, in Manchester. Tables had sold very well and some of our members attended and had a thoroughly enjoyable evening. The Ball was held in support of the 24 charities currently with INSPIRE.

Our thanks go to Sarah Cooke for organising such a great event.

If you are interested in helping us support INSPIRE and their charities, please contact Nigel on Nigel@portfolioexec.com or Anita on anita@portfolioexec.com in the first instance and we’ll take it from there. Inspire are often looking for mentors for their charities. If you have any time that you can give to help, Inspire would be delighted to chat to you about it.





Portfolio-MoneyPlus™ Lunch

PE-MoneyPlus Logo 3D

On Friday 22nd January, we held our first MoneyPlus lunch. The event was very kindly hosted by RBS Corporate Banking at their splendid offices in Spinningfields. Early feedback is very positive and it is our intention to run these reasonably regularly, probably quarterly.

Good impetus was created at the lunch with new introductions made and some potential opportunities passing amongst attendees.

If you are involved in Finance, you should be on our invite list for these themed events, so please make sure your details are with Anita.

We are also looking for host venues, and other Banks would be ideal. RBS had credit represented on Friday, in addition to Relationship Management and they found it very beneficial. We are confident we will receive opportunities from them. So, if you are interested in hosting or know someone who may be, please send details to Anita on anita@portfolioexec.com.

MoneyPlus is all about using the breadth of funding options within the Consortium and, just as importantly, the people to go with the funding (if needed), to ensure the proper financial systems and disciplines are adopted.

If you should have any MoneyPlus opportunities, please send headline details to ian@portfolioexec.com.

Next MoneyPlus Lunch

Friday 18th March, 12 noon – 14.00 pm, is the date of our next MoneyPlus lunch. If you would like to book a place on it, please let Anita know on anita@portfolioexec.com.

Research Project – Building Effective SME Lead Teams

The pilot phase of the research project “Building Effective SME Lead Teams” is underway. Initial feedback has been both very encouraging and helpful. This work is borne out of the need for SMEs to drive the UK economy and, also, recognising that organisations benefit greatly in many dimensions if teams can perform more effectively than the sum of their parts, none more so than lead teams.

Building Effective SME Lead Teams is free for all participants and we will feed back results with comparative data to allow everyone to benchmark with other companies and “take stock”. All the data will be anonymous, with the exception of a few case studies and these will be agreed with those companies beforehand. Two companies have already volunteered to be case studies.

We need a diverse range of SMEs from different sectors to take part, 100 in total, so if you know of any companies who would like to take part, please contact alan@pathfinderassociates.co.uk or call 07825 971371.

Made in Manchester Update from Pathfinder Associates

pathfinder logo-1Excellent speakers from large manufacturing companies, such as Duo, Tetrosyl, Crane and Polyflor were present on a panel for the Made in Manchester breakfast seminar, organised by NW Business Insider, on 29th Sept. The main challenges raised by panellists were:

  • The difficulties of finding funds for new equipment. One panellist had to go to Italy for funding!
  • The importance of marketing brands and protecting their integrity.
  • The constant need for innovation and patenting new products to stay ahead.
  • Accurately capturing the Voice Of the Customer.
  • The challenges associated with attracting quality new people, particularly middle managers and apprentices.
  • The drive to re-shore manufacturing and supply activities, as companies seek greater responsiveness, next day deliveries, low inventories and reduced cost of replenishment.

A Futurist focused on trends in the business world, citing the rapid changes that can occur in company fortunes; some suddenly accelerating as they find new opportunities or markets, while others suddenly collapse. Some companies seem like a supertanker; they are difficult to turn around, despite impending difficulties. Whereas companies would be looking to predict trends years ahead, the timescales are now much shorter, due to the speed at which markets change.