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Questions can be added independently of a quiz, making it possible to use them across multiple quizzes.

Add New Question

To add a question:

  • Go to Questions Add New.
  • Enter the question in the Question field.
  • Enter an optional Question Description.
  • Select a type from the Question Type dropdown.
  • Update the Question Grade. This should be a number greater than or equal to 0.
  • Enter the answer to the question. The exact format will depend on the type of question that was selected.

Question Types

There are a number of different question types to choose from:

  • Multiple Choice
  • True/False
  • Gap Fill
  • Single Line
  • Multi Line
  • File Upload

Multiple Choice

Multiple choice questions support multiple right and wrong answers. If a question has more than one correct answer, the learner must select all of them in order to pass (if a passmark is required).

Selecting Randomise answer order will display the options in a different order every time the quiz is viewed:

Multiple choice


True/false questions are the simplest question type and take either a true or false answer:


Gap Fill

Gap fill is a fill-in-the-blank question type, where the “gap” is the blank that needs to be filled in by the learner. If there is more than one possible answer, or you want to account for common spelling mistakes, you can add the answer as a regular expression. The most common use of this would be to list all possible correct answers, with each one separated by a | symbol:

Gap fill

When a gap-fill question is auto-graded, the case and leading/trailing spaces are ignored. In the example above, both ” Counts” and “Beats ” are acceptable answers.

Single Line

Single line questions allow learners to enter their answer into a text box that is restricted to a single line of text:

Single line

Multi Line

Multi line questions are open-ended questions that allow learners to enter their answer into a multi-line text box:

Multi line

File Upload

The file upload question type allows you to have your learners upload a file or document as their answer. Supported file types are controlled by WordPress, but examples include images, documents, audio and video files:

File upload

Question Grade

Question grade is the value you would like to assign to the question. For example, you could give a higher grade to more difficult questions, while easier ones would have a lower score.

Questions can also be assigned a grade of 0. Questions with a zero grade are skipped during auto-grading.

Question Media

A media file can be included as part of a question. Images, audio and video files are displayed inline within the question. All other types of media are displayed as links. Additionally, the title and description of the media item, if specified, are displayed below the media. By default, images use the Medium size width and height settings as defined in Settings > Media.

Answer Feedback

Answer feedback is applicable for multiple choice and true/false questions. This feedback is shown to learners after they submit a quiz that is set to grade automatically. For manual grading, the answer feedback can be customized when the quiz is graded.

Question Categories

Question categories make it easier to find relevant questions to add to a quiz. A category can be added to a question by selecting one or more categories in the Question Categories panel. A new category can be added by clicking the + Add New Question Category link.

Question categories can be managed by going to Questions > Categories.

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