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The Business Lounge

Why become a Business Lounge member?

It’s lonely at the top! As a leader, you are expected to be all-knowing and infallible. You are not always able to discuss the things that REALLY matter to you with your staff. So, who do you confide in and bounce ideas off? What are your goals and when did you last review them? What are the blockages that stop you from achieving your goals? How do you stay focussed?

Membership of the PortfolioExec Business Lounge will allow you to access other senior leaders’ experience, knowledge and wisdom, and share your own, helping to develop the expertise and proficiency of everyone in the room.

With 5 – 8 businesses in the Lounge, challenges and successes can be given the time they require. Our professional facilitators will ensure the Lounge is a safe, relaxed environment where you can be open and honest. The discussions at each session will inform the next month’s agenda.  You will have up to 2 seats in the Lounge, should you wish to bring in any of your managers to a session. Membership of the Lounge allows you access to a range of benefits.

For our first PortfolioExec Business Lounge, we are offering a bursary for the first 3 months to each member who signs up for 12 months. Apply via our simple application process. Click for FREE Membership Application // Click For PREMIUM Membership Application 

Facilitated Action-Learning Group

Unique Business Benefits Package

Access to our Resource Library

3-Month Bursary Available

Membership Levels
The PortfolioExec Business Lounge has two types of membership, FREE and PREMIUM. Both provide instant benefits to the member and access to resources. The PREMIUM membership also includes a Facilitated Action-Learning Group to help you improve your problem solving, plus a first-class Business Benefits Package.
  • Registration on our mailing list
  • Invitations to our FREE 60-Minute Upskill sessions
  • Access to recorded 60-Minute Upskill video sessions
per month
  • 3-Month Bursary available
  • Registration on our mailing list
  • Invitations to our FREE 60-Minute Upskill Sessions
  • Access to recorded 60-Minute Upskill Video Sessions
  • Access to further resources
  • Access to our unique Business Benefits Package including Cyber Security, HR and Legal Audits
  • Membership of a professionally facilitated Action-Learning Group
  • 2 Business Seats in the Lounge