Venues Wanted!

Metrobank Event 15th Sept 2015 PortfolioExec hosts a number of events each year and we need venues in which to hold them. We often use our corporate partners’ offices but, sometimes, this is not possible due to availability or size of facility.

If you have a business in Manchester and would like to host one of events at your offices and have space for both smaller groups of 12 and/or larger groups of up to 25, please do get in touch. As Host, you would be able to do a 20 minute presentation to attendees. We would ask you to supply refreshments. The benefits to you are:

  • A number of SMEs coming onto your premises
  • Raised awareness of your company
  • Targeted introductions to our members
  • The opportunity to become an Associate or Corporate Partner of PortfolioExec (not obligatory)
  • Become part of our ‘Friends’ list and receive some news and opportunities from us

If you are interested in hosting a PortfolioExec event, please contact us on