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Why B2B eCommerce Is Hard

When a manufacturing or distribution company wants to start, or improve, online selling, they add a new member to the sales team – the website. Unfortunately, websites do *exactly* what you tell them to do. In B2B sales, we have contracts where we’ve agreed pricing, shipping, product details, etc., which makes B2B very different from B2C. Displaying the right photos, appealing to purchasing staff, and ensuring you don’t lose money on shipping – it takes a range of activities to sell successfully online. On this Free online 1-hour session, John will use examples from past projects to show how to avoid pitfalls and maintain margins.

For over 30 years, John has practised building software and explaining it in language everyone can understand. The past 15 years focused on B2B eCommerce, after building a platform which powered over 1500 promotional merchandise websites. Whether it’s linking websites to in-house systems, or name-dropping companies he’s worked with on behalf of clients, like Lloyds TSB, ASDA, Rolls Royce and Goldman Sachs, he wants to make eCommerce simpler, make software more reliable and easier to understand, and build trust between users and their computer systems.

Book your place via anita@portfolioexec.com.

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