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Add a Quiz

When adding a new lesson, you will find the Quiz Settings panel below the main content area, with a message indicating that there is no quiz for this lesson (yet!). You will need to save the lesson before you will be able to create the quiz:

Empty quiz settings

There are three methods available for adding questions to a quiz on the Edit Lesson screen. You can add a new question, add an existing question, or add a category question(s). Please note that category questions will not appear unless you have created at least one category under Questions > Categories in your dashboard.

Add a New Question

Please see the Question Bank documentation for information on how to add new questions. It’s worth noting that when a new question is added to a quiz, that question is also added to the question bank, so that it can be used again in other quizzes:

New question

Add Existing Questions

The Existing Questions tab enables you to select one or more existing questions from the question bank and add them to the quiz. You can search for a question by name, or filter by question type and question category. You can also search for questions that either have or haven’t already been used in another quiz:

Existing questions

The panel displays 10 questions per page. Remember that selections are not preserved between pages, so you must select and add questions from one page before moving to the next.

Add Category Questions

The Category Questions tab enables you to insert a random selection of questions from a question category. After selecting a category from the dropdown and entering the number of questions to display, questions in that category are added to the quiz. They appear as a single entry in the table:

Category questions

You can add multiple groups of category questions to the quiz:

Multiple category questions

You can also combine existing questions with category questions. Sensei LMS ensures that a question is not displayed more than once in the same quiz:

Existing and category questions

Remove a Question from a Quiz

To remove a question or group of questions from a quiz, click the Remove link in the Quiz Questions table. This will not remove the question from the question bank. To do that, go to Questions > All Questions, hover over the question, and click the Trash link.

Quiz Settings

Once you’ve added questions to your quiz, you can customize the settings in the Quiz Settings panel:

Quiz settings

Pass required to complete lesson

Checking Pass required to complete lesson forces learners to achieve a particular grade before the lesson can be marked as completed. If left unchecked, the passmark defaults to 0, and the learner can complete the lesson without passing the quiz.

Quiz passmark percentage

Quiz passmark percentage is the grade that must be obtained by the learner in order to pass the quiz. This setting is only visible if Pass required to complete lesson is checked.

Number of questions to show

You can optionally choose to limit the number of questions that are displayed when the quiz is taken by entering a value for Number of questions to show.

Randomise question order

Selecting Randomise question order will display the questions in a different order every time the quiz is viewed.

Grade quiz automatically

All multiple choice, true/false, and gap fill questions will be auto-graded if Grade quiz automatically is checked.

Allow user to retake the quiz

If Allow user to retake the quiz is selected, the learner is able to reset and take the quiz again if they like.

Lesson with No Quiz

If there is no quiz associated with a lesson, the lesson will display a Complete Lesson button. This button enables learners to mark the lesson as complete and move to the next one.

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